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Do Debt Collectors Use Skip Tracers?

Debt collectors use any number of methods to locate people who owe them money. It's not an easy task, but debt collection is a serious business and collections experts know when to ask for help from the professionals. Skip tracers may be hired to help with the process...

Employee Background Checks

Employers are becoming more and more cautious. That’s why employee background checks are becoming more and more routine. Regardless of whether you are checking employee backgrounds for employment or for promotions, you want to get a background-information provider that satisfies your security criteria.

Background Searches

Through background searches online, you can find a person’s age, address, marital status, occupation, aliases, current and past employment, educational level, driving record, litigation record (including a possible divorce or divorces), criminal record (if there is one), bankruptcies (if there are any), military record, and financial worth. Really – just about anything having to do with their background.

Public records can not tell you everything about everybody. But by searching backgrounds you can get a fairly accurate (not perfect) snapshot of the subject you are investigating. You may be able to deduce personality traits, consumer preferences, romantic preferences, employment and financial stability.

Becoming a Skip Tracer

I often get calls from people who want to become a Skip-tracers. They ask about how they can get training, if they can make money from home, and how much they can make. I’ll try to answer some of those questions here.

First – What is it?: Skip tracing is not just a matter of running simple searches on some of the specialized data-bases. Real skip-tracing means that you actually contact the person you are looking for, (if necessary), or contact a relative, neighbor or friend to really verify that they are living and working at such and such a place. It’s not like on those classless “Internet Detective” sites where you pay good money to get a list of people with the same name in the state. Big help that is.

Skip Tracing Companies

If you’re looking for the best Skip Tracing Company around – you’ve come to the right place. Here at our Company, American Information Specialists and Skip Trace Pros, we know how important it is for you to find someone. Leave it to us – we are the skip tracing experts.

Legal Bank Locates

You know that locating a Bank Account is a good way to collect the money that is owed you. With a judgment you can apply for a Writ of Execution at the court and have the Sheriff, Marshall, or a Process Server “hit” the bank.
There are websites that will charge you money for the information I am going to give you here. But I believe it should be available to everyone free. That includes the “how to it” and the “what not to do.” The “what not to do” is important so that you won’t run afoul of the “law.

People Searches

Searching for people has become very popular with the advent of the Internet. Those conducting people searches are looking for Classmates, Old Sweethearts, Old Friends they’ve lost touch with, and people who owe them money. And, there are many sites out there that will locate these people for you – or claim that they will. You’ve seen Net-Detective and Cyber-Detective and Web-Detective. You’ve probably visited the “Find People for Free” websites. Perhaps you’ve wondered how effective they are, or how they compare with the “We’ll find anyone anywhere” sites, and how those differ from other less commercial and more professional sites.

Problems With Employment Locates

You have need to garnish someone’s wages. We’re assuming that you probably have some sort of Money Judgment against your Subject. Or, you’re trying to find out if someone is employed BEFORE taking legal action. There are some in the Judgment Enforcement Business that perform these searches all the time, and swear that’s it the best way to recover debt. Personally, I would try to levy on bank accounts first. The reason being, a great many debtors these days don’t have a “professional” job, and will most likely quit after one paycheck is garnished. If that’s the case, you’re out a sizable amount of money. Here’s an example:

Find Someone’s Email Address

Below is a different approach to finding someone’s email address that I recently ran across on the internet. Kind of cool, actually. It’s just one method to use in finding someone’s email address – if they have a website, or if they’re associated with the site as an employee or vendor.

Bank Levy

Many people wonder how the can do a bank levy to collect the money owed on their court judgment. After all, bank levies are a great way to get the court judgment paid all at once. It doesn’t matter if you judgment is from Small Claims Court or regular Civil Court. There are a few factors to consider.

1) Do you know where the debtor banks? If some cases you may have an old check from the debtor. Or perhaps he was a former friend or business partner, and you know where he banks. But of course he may have closed his account to avoid you. You can’t be sure. There are several legal ways to find a person’s bank account.

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