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About Social Media Searches

iphone and social media searches

Trying to find someone through Social Media? Sometimes it’s easy – most times not so easy. If you’re having problems finding someone through these channels, it’s probably because they haven’t shown up in the 21st century yet. If that’s the case, then you need to have us perform a skip trace on them.

We don’t do “Social Media Searches.” You can find just as much information as we can doing it all by yourself. Of course, when we’re performing a skip trace, we certainly look at someone’s Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter page – if they have one. However, we’ve found that for people that don’t really wish to be found, like debtors or a dead beat spouse – they’re not on Social Media (at least currently), or everything on their profiles is fake or misleading.  Kind of a waste of time.

We have better, more accurate ways of digging up information. You might wish to start with a Phone Trace. Or, you may wish to try and Email Search.

Sometimes a simple Google search will reveal some decent results. If your Subject has been in the news lately, there’s a good chance that Google will show a page naming your Subject.

If you really need to find someone, then let us do the work. Whether it’s a Private Investigation or you simply need to find an accurate, verified address, contact the Skip Trace Pros.

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