Searches We Won’t Do

There are certain types of searches that we simply won’t do. Why? Mostly because of the legalities, but there are certain high-powered databases that we use that forbid us from looking up information on certain people.  Some of the obvious ones are:

  • Celebrities
  • Professional Athletes
  • Prominent Political Figures
  • Law Enforcement Officials
  • People involved in high-profile cases
  • High Ranking Military Officials
  • Minors – ANYONE under the age of 18

The above list is not all inclusive.  Many times, we’ll make the determination after speaking with someone on the phone. We understand that there may be times when someone has a legitimate reason to obtain information on someone in the above category, but we simply won’t take the risk.  Sorry, but we reserve the right to perform any type of search that we want on whomever we wish.

In addition, we really don’t do any searches for Bounty Hunters or Bail Bondsmen. Mainly because you guys need someone on the ground. We can’t help you there. Your Subject’s are hiding in vehicles, Hotel/Motels, campgrounds, or the North 40.  Who knows?  We would really like to help you out – but it’s not what we do.

Side Note: Please know that we have safeguards in place to protect against stalkers. You know who you are. It’s rare, but there are times when we will not release any information to you without speaking with the actual Subject. We find that it’s usually OK with them to give you the information – mostly they’re very happy and will call you.


If you have a need for a legitimate search, not listed above, please give us a call at 760-332-8397 or email us at:


Or simply click on the Request Form below. It’s simple and fast.


Search Inquiry Form

The Fee is $68 – $95 depending on the information that you provide us.

24 hour turn around time.

No locate = No fee.