Repossession Skip Traces


So maybe you’re a “Repo-Guy,”  a Bank/Credit Union, a “Buy Here, Pay Here” car lot, or simply someone who loaned or sold your vehicle to a “friend” and they disappear. Ouch. We’ve been in this business long enough to know that this is NOT your regular skip trace.  These are tough skip traces for one reason: The Subject KNOWS that you’re coming for them.

Is he married?  Where does his family live? Do you know where he works – or shops? Just knowing one extra piece of information can get you to that vehicle. That’s where we come in.

Yes, we do this type of skip trace – and more.  It’s one thing to find your Subject – it’s quite another to find your Subject with the vehicle. Repo Guys know all the tricks: hide the asset in the garage, stow it at a neighbor, friend, or relative’s house, park it in the Walmart parking lot around the corner, park it in a nearby apartment complex parking lot, etc.  You name it – they’ll try everything they can to keep you from finding the vehicle.

Here’s what we do: We’ll skip trace your Subject – and then some. You need to have the names and addresses of his family that’s close by – or even not so close by. Many have a pattern of moving in and out with relatives or friends.  Even Ex-Spouses. We’re going to get you all of those new, verified addresses.

What helps us out a lot is if you have the Subject’s initial request for credit form where they list references.


The Fee is $78.00


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24 hour turn around time.

No locate = No fee.




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