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So maybe you’re a “Repo-Guy,”  a Bank/Credit Union, a “Buy Here, Pay Here” car lot, or simply someone who loaned or sold your vehicle to a “friend” and they disappear. Ouch. We’ve been in this business long enough to know that this is NOT your regular skip trace.  These are tough skip traces for one reason: The Subject KNOWS that you’re trying to locate them – and the asset.

Is he married?  Where does his family live? Do you know where he works – or shops?  Just knowing one extra piece of information can get you to that vehicle. That’s where we come in.

Yes, we do this type of skip trace – and more.  It’s one thing to find your Subject – it’s quite another to find your Subject with the vehicle. Repossession company’s know all the tricks: hide the asset in the garage, stow it at a neighbor’s, friend, or relative’s house, park it in the Walmart parking lot around the corner, park it in a nearby apartment complex parking lot, etc.  You name it – they’ll try everything they can to keep you from finding the vehicle.

Here’s what we do: We’ll skip trace your Subject – and then some. You need to have the names and addresses of his family that’s close by – or even not so close by. Many have a pattern of moving in and out with relatives or friends.  Even Ex-Spouses. We’re going to provide you with all of those new, verified addresses. Let me be very clear here: We DO NOT travel around and peek into garages. That’s the repo company’s job. What we do is update and verify not only the subject’s current address, but those of his family and friends. We’ve been in this business long enough to know that the asset is most likely at one of these locations.

What helps us out a lot is if you have the Subject’s initial request for credit application where they list references. Many times these names and addresses are false (many times intentionally), or old information, but it gives us a really good starting point where we can obtain the correct, updated information.

One last thing. We know that your subject probably moves around a lot. The information that we provide you is very accurate – but sometimes it’s just not possible to locate the vehicle. We don’t leave you hanging. Simply let us know that you’re having difficulties and we’ll happily re-run the search for you at no additional charge – provided that it’s within a reasonable amount of time.  We’ve done the hard part, and it’s easy for us to go back in and give you an update.

The Fee is $78.00

Call us at 619-865-5421 or email to: Or, Click on the Search Inquiry Form shown below.  It’s easy and fast.

24 hour turn around time.

No Locate = No fee.


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