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Pricing Structure Updated July 9, 2023

Please – all search requests should be in writing by email. You must include your name and/or business name as well as physical address – we need to know who we are working for. Search requests received after 10:00 am MST may not be processed until the following business day. Our office hours are Monday-Saturday 7am-7pm Mountain Standard Time. In a rush? Need some information fast? Just call us at (619) 865-5421.

*All prices are in US Dollars and subject to change without notice*

*Please keep in mind that we do offer volume discounts. In addition to the below listed searches available, we offer many other “discreet” types of searches. Have an unusual search request? Give us a call at (619) 865-5421.

Skip Trace: $68 – $95
Our specialty is Finding People. The cost is determined by exactly what you’re looking for and the amount of information you provide us to begin the search. You provide the subject’s name, last known address, and any other information that may help us find the current address, probable email addresses, and published telephone information. If we are unable to verify new, accurate information – there is no charge. If we have not yet provided you with an example of our Skip Trace Report – give us a call or send us an email and we’ll send it to you immediately.

Background Checks: $95 – $119
We offer many different kinds of Background Checks. The cost, above, will most likely depend on exactly you are looking for. You provide the subject’s name and last known address. We provide all public records (and some not-so-public records), for any documents/links/records/patterns that relate to the subject. Search results include civil filings, criminal records, corporation and limited partnership filings, judgment & liens, business licenses, tax liens, bankruptcy filings, DBA business filings, personal address verifier, address history, first and second degree relatives, spouses, professional licenses, UCC filings, real property records, vehicle ownership (when available – depends upon the State laws), boats, aircraft ownership, utilities, and full SSN/DOB fraud check. And more. Permissible purpose required for complete SSN/DOB records/numbers. DOES NOT provide Banking or employment information, Credit Reports, or Cell Phone Call Records.

Limited Asset Search: $95 – $119
You provide us with the subject’s name and last known address. This search is a variation of the background check – but searching for assets only. Search results return property, vehicles (depends upon the State), toys, aircraft, boats, liens, judgments, bankruptcies, evictions – and more. We DO NOT provide credit reports. There are some very compelling reasons why you should conduct a Limited Asset Search.

PO Box/Mailing Address: $95
You give us the PO Box – we return name and address of Box Holder. We will also provide the history of the box. Reverse search also available. Note: We include this information in our regular skip trace searches, so we suggest you order a Skip Trace instead.

Phone Number Searches: $55 – $95
Phone number tracing has changed over the years. Here at American Information Specialists, we never, ever, ever, guarantee phone number searches. No one in our industry does anymore. Why? Because no one answers their phone live anymore. We can provide you accurate phone numbers of your subject but it simply doesn’t matter if they do not answer the phone – or insist that it is not them on the line. That being said, we do perform phone locates that are very good. We recommend, however, that you always perform a Skip Trace and find addresses and email information in addition to phone numbers. We DO NOT ping/track cellphones or supply cell phone records.

Employment Locates: (Discontinued)
We are very sorry, but at this time we do not perform employment locates. They are simply way too expensive and unreliable. It is much more effective to perform a Bank Account Locate or a Debtor’s Exam. However, in the search process we may run across possible current employment and will certainly pass that information along to you at no charge.

DOB (Date of Birth): $55
Permissible purpose required. Provide us with the name and address of your subject and we’ll locate the full birth date. There is no charge if we fail to find the full and complete date. This search also returns any DOB that your subject may have used in the past.

SSN (Social Security Number): $55
Permissible purpose required. If you are unsure if you have a permissible purpose, please do some research online. You provide a name and last known address and any other information that you may have on the Subject. This search returns the subjects verified SSN – if one is on file. Search also includes the SSN Death Index. There is no charge if we fail to find the full and complete number. This search also returns any SSN that you subject may have used in the past.

Bank Account Locate: Pricing Varies
Discreet. Legal. Simply the best. You provide the subject’s name and last known address. Statewide and Nationwide searches available. There are some restrictions. Brokerage searches also available. Results include financial institution location, types of accounts, and possibly current balances – but this may vary according to the individual financial institutions. DOES NOT return account numbers – which are not required to perform a bank levy.

Bank Account Locates are an entirely different type of search – please request our separate Bank Account Location Pricing Structure document which details the different types of bank accounts as well as the costs. We also have a separate Bank Account Location Process document that further explains in detail how we conduct these searches. Call us at (619) 865-5421.

You may wish to try performing a bank account locate yourself. A friend of mine, Peter Gilboy, wrote a great article on Legal Bank Locates. We strongly suggest you read this article before deciding on ordering a bank account locate .

FEIN search: $95
Federal Employee Identification Number. You provide us with the Company Name, address, and owner. We will locate the FEIN on file with the IRS. If you have this number, we can reverse search it for you and provide the company name and owner.

Additional Searches
We can search for almost anything. We can skip trace military, old friends, debtors, family, heir searches, etc. Background Checks on almost anyone. Special types of locates are one of our specialties. If you have a search in mind that is not listed above – just give us a call and let us know. I’m sure we can help you. There are, however, some types of searches we will not do:

Searches We Will Not Do
We are Licensed and Bonded Private Investigators. This provides us with some latitude in conducting searches; however, there are certain types of searches that we simply won’t do. Why? Mostly because of the legalities, but there are certain high-powered databases that we use that forbid us from looking up information on certain people. And, if you’re simply a curiosity seeker – sorry, but we cannot help you. Below is a list of the searches we will not do:

Cell Phone Tracking/Pings

Cell Phone Records

Credit Reports

Anything Outside of the USA


Professional Athletes

Prominent Political Figures

Law Enforcement Officials

People involved in high-profile cases

High Ranking Military Officials

Minors – ANYONE under the age of 18

Batch/Bulk Searches – Sorry, but it’s not what we do

Employment Searches – Way too expensive and unreliable

Forensic Email Searches

On tracking cell phones: Our services DO NOT track someone’s cell phone in order to determine their immediate location. No “pinging” going on here. That sort of search is pretty much illegal these days without a court order – and we don’t deal with it. Generally speaking, obtaining cell phone call records is also illegal without a court order or subpoena; therefore, we do not provide them.

The above list is not all-inclusive. Many times, we’ll make the determination after speaking with someone on the phone. We understand that there may be times when someone has a legitimate reason to obtain information on someone in the above list – but we simply will not take the risk. Sorry, but we reserve the right to exclude any search that we are not comfortable with.

Our Services - Marks desk with computers

In addition, we usually do not perform any searches for Bounty Hunters or Bail Bondsmen. Mainly because, in your industry, you need someone on the ground. We can’t help you there. Your Subjects are hiding in vehicles, Hotel/Motels, campgrounds – or the North 40. Who knows? We would really like to help you out – and may be able to in some instances – but it’s not what we do.

Drunk Dialers: Yes, we know who you are. Sober up and give us a call in the morning. “Hey man, I just met this girl and she left the bar about a half hour ago. I think her name was Cathy. Can you find her?” Sure, Buddy, we’ll get right on that.

Side Note: Please know that we have safeguards in place to protect against stalkers. You know who you are. It’s rare, but there are times when we will not release any information to you without speaking with the actual Subject first. We let them make the decision as to whether or not they want you to contact them. We find that it’s usually OK with them to give you the information – mostly they’re very happy and will call you.

And, yes, Skip Tracing is legal. What are the licensing requirements? Find out more here.

All of our services research, except database searches, rush fees, attempt fees, turnaround times and verbal quotes – are not guaranteed. Guarantee applies only to errors in information actually found on the date research was completed and not to omissions. Disputes must be in writing and sent to us within 15 days with authoritative documentation, suspicion or conjecture of an “error” or omission. This is not grounds for dispute, and circumstances may warrant variance at American Information Specialists’ sole discretion. Please understand that some information may be derived from a database and may not be wholly current. Our goal is to satisfy your need for the information requested. If there is any problem with our returned information, please give us a call at 619-865-5421 and we will correct the mistake.

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