How to Find Someone’s Email Address

Below is a different approach to finding someone’s email address that I recently ran across on the internet.  Kind of cool, actually. It’s just one method to use in finding someone’s email address – if they have a website, or if they’re associated with the site as an employee or vendor.

Take a good look at their website:


Most times, an email address will be prominently displayed somewhere on the site.  Probably on the “Contact” or “About Us” page. You just might get your answer right away. If they’re associated with a very large website, then here’s a little trick:


Try typing this into the Google search bar:



In other words: site: matt foley

*Try it with and without the slash (/) after .com.  Kind of strange how that works.


This is a quick way to see if the email you’re looking for is already publicly available.

First, install the “Reprofiler” extension from Chrome. Once you’re at the website, click on the Reprofiler extension. It should give you a list of all email on the page. You should be able to copy and paste any emails that you’re looking for.


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