There may be times when you need to find someone’s email address. Maybe you need to contact someone and their phone number is unavailable – or they never answer. Letters and other correspondence goes unanswered, and it’s imperative that you speak with this person.

We here at Skip Trace Pros do not conduct email searches. Mostly because anyone can go online, and using different tools, can do the work themselves. And, there’s no magical database listing everyone’s email address. We always recommend trying to first call or write to the person in order to get in contact with them.

So, how do I find someone’s email address? First, use an online email lookup service to perform a basic search. Then, do a simple Google search on the person and see what pops up. Look for websites owned by the subject as well as the area where he or she may live.

Actually, the first thing you should do is ask yourself why you need an email address in the first place. Make sure you have a legitimate reason and don’t go spamming these people. Stay professional, and be prepared to have a well-written statement as to why you are contacting this person.

Nefarious Reasons For Obtaining Email Address

Many people accumulate email addresses and start spamming. Not good. This article is for those that have a legitimate reason for contacting someone through their email address when other methods are simply not effective. However, I’ll list a number of the reason’s spammers and scammers want your email address:

  • Spam. We all know what spam is – and hate it.
  • Scammers. Enough said.
  • Headhunters. There’s big money in job placement.
  • Political Groups. Ugh.
  • Hackers. Too much time on their hands.
  • Disgruntled employees and/or friends.
  • Advertisers.

We’ve all had to deal with the majority of the above list at one time or the others. For those of you involved in the above – please find a different site to conduct your business. We’ll discuss legitimate reasons for, and ways to, find someone’s email address.

Legitimate Reasons for Needing Someone’s Email Address

There are many reasons why you may need to find someone’s email address. A few are listed below:

  • Attorneys. General communication efforts have been ineffective.
  • Friends. Contacting old friends is usually a good thing.
  • Business contacts. Past and present.
  • Skip tracing. Legal documents are usually involved.

There are many other legitimate reasons why you need to find someone’s email address. Just make sure you stay within the law and you’ll be just fine. Remember – no spamming!

Take a Good Look at their Website

If you have performed an exhaustive internet search on your subject, and found a website that they may own or be involved in, look for email addresses listed on the site. Or, simply fill out the contact form and state your reason for trying to find this person.

put the puzzle togetherThe company and/or personal email may be listed. If it were just that easy. Many times, the subject in question is an employee, and there will be no email listed for them. In that case, you may wish to call and simply ask for their contact information. That works.

Most times, an email address will be prominently displayed somewhere on the site.  Probably on the “Contact” or “About Us” page. You just might get your answer right away. If they’re associated with a very large website, then you may have to search for a bit.

Below is a different approach to finding someone’s email address that I recently ran across on the internet.  Kind of cool, actually. It’s just one method to use in finding someone’s email address – if they have a website, or if they’re associated with the site as an employee or vendor.

Try typing this into the Google search bar:

  • In other words: site: matt foley
  • *Try it with and without the slash (/) after .com.  Kind of strange how that works.
  • This is a quick way to see if the email you’re looking for is already publicly available.

You might wish to try the WHOIS database. If you suspect thsat your subject owns a website, try looking it up in this database. I have found many peoples’ email addresses simply by using this technique.

Email Addresses Using Free Tools

Below are some great free tools that you can use to find someone’s email addresses. Some of these email address finder sites have paid subscriptions, but most allow you to make a number of searches for free. These tools are mostly for finding business contacts through websites.

  • Email Hunter
  • Findthat
  • Clearbit
  • Headreach
  • Voila Norbert

I won’t go into any details on the above sites, but do a Google search on them and see how they work. Most of these sites are very effective – and cheap.

OK, So Website Searches Aren’t Helpful

Let’s not forget Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Many times your subject’s email address is listed. Or, if you know any of your subject’s family or friends – you can search them also. The goal here is to get in contact with the person you’re looking for, right?

If you cannot find anything on social media, then there are additional options. Hire someone. Here at Skip Trace Pros, we can find almost anyone these days. We may not be able to supply you with a valid email address, but phones and current addresses will be helpful. And, many skip tracers, just like us, can do a deep search on someone and past and present email addresses are usually listed.


You can find almost anyone’s email address by simply doing an online search. We always recommend trying to find the person first – then try and get contact information. Be careful that you are not breaking any laws, and, please, do not spam!

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What if I can’t find someone’s email address? As I stated above, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Hire someone to do this for you, but ask yourself: Is it really worth it?

Is sending mass emails considered spam? The short answer is yes. Ask yourself why you’re sending these emails. To sell a product or service? If so, and these people have not requested any information from you – it’s spam.