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There’s any number of reasons why you might wish to find the owner of Real Estate. You may be an investor – or there might come a time when you need to check on someone’s assets. How about that nasty neighbor down the street?  Many of our clients are involved in the purchasing of Tax Lien Certificates or involved with Tax Sale Overages & Excess Proceeds. Of course, there’s always that abandoned property in your area that might be a good fixer-upper to flip. Many of our clients also obtain Foreclosure lists and try to make a buy.

We will search and locate any real property currently owned by the subject in any state. Results include Property Address, Parcel Number (Usually), Owner’s name and Address of Record. We’ll also give you a list of past property owners going back quite a few years if you’d like.  Just request that in your search – no extra charge.

Many times, the property owner may be elderly, incapacitated, or incarcerated. We’ll find out. And, we’ll supply you with the contact information of the property owners nearest relatives. It’s always good to have a back-up plan.

Also – when searching for property owners, if it was a Husband and Wife that owned the property, we’ll search both of the Subjects for just one cost.  It’s actually easier for us to come up with a “hit” when we start with more information.

If there’s something special, or different, about the type of search you need – just let us know and we’ll see if we can find an answer for you.


Results in 24 hours. Price: $78. Call us at 619-865-5421, or simply click on the Request Form below.


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