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Skip Trace/Find a Person

This is what we do. No matter the reason for your need to find them – we can help. You provide the subject(s) name, last known address, and any other information that may help us get a start. We find the current address, probable email addresses, and published telephone information that is available. We’ll also verify the subject’s correct SSN/DOB.  If we are unable to provide you with new, accurate information – there is no charge.

For almost every skip trace that we do, the price is $55.00 – $95.00 It really depends upon the information you provide us to get started – SSN and DOB are very helpful – but not required.

Find Someone’s Address

You may need to have someone served. Or there may be something that you need to send them. That’s where we come in. We’ll find your subject’s current address – and throw in probable phones and email addresses.

Find Businesses Owners

Need to find the owner of a business? Maybe you’re in the process of suing someone and you need to know if they’re affiliated with any Businesses. Or, you have a Money Judgment against a Business.

Business searches can be tricky. Locating the FEIN is usually the starting point, and we can handle that for you. You’re also going to need a list of one or more “Registered Agents” in order to get the business served properly. We can take care of all of this for you.

Find Assets

You need to find someone’s assets. But first – you need to find that person. If you’re trying to find assets in order to seize them – through a court order – then you need to make sure you know where your subject lives. Different states, counties, and cities have different laws which vary greatly when it comes to taking assets. We’ll make sure you have the exact location of your subject.

Find Classmates

Looking for an old classmate? This is one of our most frequent searches. College, high school – you name it. If it has been some quite time, your old classmates may have changed names, moved out of the state – who knows. Rest assured, we can track them down and get you the contact information you need.

Find Debtors

Does someone owe you money? Do you have a court-ordered judgment against someone? We can help. Finding the exact location of your debtor makes all the difference in your collection efforts.

Find Family Members

Missing family members? We do a lot of these types of searches. As time goes by, family members lose track of each other. We’ll find them.

Find Old Friends

Trying to find a long-lost frined? We can help. People grow up, move, and get jobs across the country. They get married and change their names. We’ll find them.

Find Military Friends

These types of searches can be tough – but we’re up to the task. It doesn’t matter where they’re stationed – we can usually track them down.

Find Property Owners

A very popular search. Whether you’re a real estate investor or perhaps in the Tax Overages business – we can help. It’s usually a matter of determining if they’re still alive – or not. That’s where finding their close relatives really pays off.

Find Real Estate Owners

Same as above. This includes owners of commercial property. And builders.

Find Heirs

There’s a huge transfer of wealth going on in this country – because of the Baby Boomers. Attorneys these days need to do their due diligence and find the proper heirs of the deceased in order to distribute property and other assets. We do a lot of these searches.

Tax Overages Business

A relatively new type of business where people who have previousl sold/lost their property have money coming back to them in the form of tax overage payments. I’ve heard it’s a very profitable business. We’ll find the past property owners as well as their close relatives so you  can make a deal. More on that here.

Special Locates

There may be something on this list that we missed – or never heard of. In that case, check out the “Special Locates” we can do for you.

Social Media Searches

Honestly – you can do this yourself. Many times we do dig into someone’s social media presence but it’s usually false information. Find out more about Social Media Searches.

Bounty Hunters/Bail Bondsmen

Nope. Won’t do them. You guys need someone on the ground.

Searches We Won’t Do

There are definetly some types of searches we won’t do. For a compete list – go here.

For any search, please feel free to fill out our Search Inquiry Form. We’ll respond immediately.

If You Need Help Right Away Call 619-865-5421

Or, fill out one of our Contact and/or Search Inquiry Forms

Most searches just $55.00 - $95.00, or Less

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