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We Find Assets

Mark Mnger and the Skip Trace Pros can find assets

When you absolutely, positively need to find someone’s assets – call the Skip Trace Pros!

When you finally get serious about finding someone’s assets– call us. If we cannot provide you with accurate and verified information – there is no charge! No matter what your reason for an asset search, we can help. We Find Assets. Period. We’re not just a database – we’re real people that really know what we’re doing. My staff and I don’t mess around – and neither should you!

Mark Unger, Director, American Information Specialists

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Most Asset Searches Just $95 – $119

And, I’ve been known to give callers a nice discount!

We Find Assets


By far, our most requested asset search is to find property owners. Private property, business property, industrial property – you name it. Why? Because you can put a lien on that property. Or an abstract on the title. Eventually, you’re going to get paid. We’ll find what you’re looking for.


Finding financial assets is tricky, but we’ve been locating debtor’s current accounts for 20 years now. This is where we shine, and pre-litigation asset searches are no longer just for Attorneys. Call us about this, as the methods for obtaining this sensitive information changes. Levies and garnishments pay off!


Finding vehicles can be tricky, but we’ve been locating debtor’s current vehicles for over 20 years now. Repo guys love us. We all know that people try and hide their vehicles. What we do is find the most likely whereabouts of that vehicle using some pretty unique methods.


Boats, aircraft, RV’s, off-road vehicles – you name it. We can find just about any type of asset your Subject may own. Debtors, especially, are very good at hiding assets. We’ll find them. Most all of our asset searches will include a separate search for these types of “toys.”


Do your homework. Seizing assets may be the way to go – but make sure you’re doing everything within the legal system. Does your Subject have judgments and liens against him? Has he recently declared bankruptcy? You need to get the facts before taking legal action.

Who Needs Our Services?

  • Anyone Trying to Find Assets
  • Attorneys and Paralegals
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Storage Facilities
  • Debt Collectors
  • Property Managers
  • Tax Overages Specialists
  • Process Servers

When You Absolutely, Positively Need To Find Assets

The Skip Trace Pros

Why Should You Choose Us?

We don’t mess around. Of course we use databases – the very best ones, and we pay top dollar for them. And we know how to use them. We don’t use any of those inaccurate, old, confusing databases you see online. Online databases suck. And we don’t ask for your credit card up front, either.

Being Licensed and Bonded Private Investigators, we have access to some “stuff” that you have probably never even heard of. Skip Tracing and asset locations on steroids. And we don’t stop there. We have phones. Lots of phones. You might be surprised at the amount of information one can extract with a few quick phone calls – and cutting edge techniques.

Ditch those useless online databases and say goodbye to old information. We provide the best asset searches anywhere. If we can’t find people’s assets – no one can!

In short, we will find whomever you’re looking for and their assets – fast. And, your Subject will never know that we’re digging into their “stuff.” We’re sneaky – and fast.

Our customer service is top notch. Have a quick question? Give us a call. Do you have multiple search requests? We’ll hook you up with a nice discount. Did we screw up? We’ll re-do the search or refund you immediately.

We Find Assets – Fast!

Frustrated with past results? Old information sucks. We get it right the first time. No matter what your reason for trying to find someone’s assets – isn’t it about time you finally got going? We can help fast. The finest asset search and skip tracing company in business. That’s us – the Skip Trace Pros!

No Contracts, No Spam, No Sign-Ups

No nonsense. Period. Once you experience our accuracy and pricing structure – you’ll be back. Save money – call us now. If you’re looking for the best Skip Tracing and Asset Search Company around – you found them.

Same Day Results

We don’t mess around. We actually answer the phone, and if you submit our “Search Inquiry Form” we acknowledge immediately – sometimes within minutes. Find your Subject today!

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See an Example of One of Our People Locate/Skip Trace Reports:

You Have Asset Search Questions – I Have Answers

It can be. “Skip Tracing” is just another word for “finding someone.” You need to find your Subjects first – and then go after their assets. One dictionary defines skip tracing as “the action or practice of locating people who are missing or have defaulted on a debt, especially as a profession.” In reality, skip tracing involves searching records (public, non-public, confidential), making some discreet phone calls, and possibly boots on the ground type work. It’s basically the same process for finding assets.

Yep. No one will know that you’re looking into their assets – except us, of course. And, your Subject will have no clue that we’re searching for them and their assets. Mums the word.

The cost is $95 – $119. Or less. There are no hidden charges. It really depends upon the amount of information that you give us to start off with. Honestly, we charge $95 per search more often than $119. And, remember that there is no charge for your asset search if we cannot provide you with accurate , verified information.

I really wish you would. That’s one of the things that sets us apart form all of those online databases. We fully understand that your asset search request is very important to you. You really need to find someone, and their assets, and you want the correct information the first time around. Call us any time at (619) 865-5421. Mark himself usually answers the phone.

A lot, actually. These aren’t one of those $49.95 or $7.95 background checks that online databases pass off as complete, accurate information. We supply verified addresses, possible/probable phones, and emails. Business addresses, PO Boxes, and past addresses. VERIFIED social security number and date of birth. Bankruptcies, judgments, and liens. Business associations. Close relatives and associates contact information if needed. Motor vehicle information, property ownership, and a whole lot more. Anything that will help you take action and seize assets. It’s basically a background check on steroids with a whole lot of additional information that will greatly help you make the proper decisions. Even criminal records! We’ve been doing this a long time, and understand that even the tiniest bit of information could prove fruitful. Let the Skip Trace Pros find your Subject’s assets – fast.

Of course. If for some reason we have provided you with the wrong or inaccurate information, we’ll always make it right. We usually take care of any issue right up front, meaning, if we’re not 100% confident in the results – there is no charge. We end up giving you the information, at no charge, and if it works out – great! In the meantime, we set up some “alerts” in our databases and continue to try and get more accurate information. Eventually – we almost always succeed in finding your Subject and their assets!

They can do this because it’s old information. I have written previously on my blog here on this site some of the particulars about how databases work. For example, how much data providers pay for their information, where they get it it, and how they collate all of that information with algorithms. Interesting stuff, believe me. Here’s a short lesson: Any “find people” database purchases their information. They pay more to get this information right away, and A LOT less if they purchase this data a month later, 3 months later, etc. Data providers purchase their data from credit reporting agencies, phone companies, utility companies – and Federal/State/County administration offices. There’s a whole lot more to this whole process, but just know that we’re getting our information only from the top databases at a premium price. It’s almost same-day information. And don’t get me started on how to actually uses these databases. Most people have no clue.

Yes, of course. This is where we excel. We have had Attorney’s call us from the court house, and provided them asset information within minutes. I have also found people for clients while speaking with them on the phone – during their initial contact! However, we ask that you give us up to 24 hours – we want to get things right. We know how important ACCURATE information is to you, so give us a call right away.

You might be surprised. I won’t go into any details here, but some of the search requests we get are little bit off the wall. No matter – we can help. You may believe that your request is unusual, but we’ve (almost) heard it all!

Yep. Plenty of them. We’re professionals, so spammers and scammers need not apply. We do not perform “batch” searches, but do offer nice discounts for multiple search requests. We do not “ping” cell phones. Celebrities, minors, professional athletes, law enforcement, and high-ranking officials are all off limits. I have a more extensive list on our website here, but you get the picture. “Hey man! I just met a girl at this bar downtown and only have her first name. Can you find her? Sure, Buddy, we’ll get right on that.”

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What Kind of Asset Searches Do We Offer?

  • We Find Property
  • We’ll Find Your Subject
  • We Can Find Vehicles
  • We Can Find “Toys
  • We Find Financial Assets
  • We Find Asset Holders

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If you have a quick question, simply fill out the Quick Contact Form here. There is no obligation, of course, and we respond quickly. Usually it’s Mark himself that will get in touch with you.

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By the way – I always give callers a discount!

Concerned About Privacy and Trustworthiness?

We’re All About Transparency. Read More About Us Below…

About Us

We’re real people. Mark Unger and his staff have been at this game for over 20 years now. Skip Tracing, Process Service, Private Investigations, Judgment Recovery – you name it. Licensed and Bonded. The governing authorities fingerprint and background check us. Yep – they don’t let just anyone gain access to the “stuff” that I have. Click on the link below to check up on our credentials.

About Us

Refund Policy

No nonsense here. If you’re not happy -we’re not happy. Any time you feel you didn’t receive correct information, or we failed to locate your Subject – we’ll happily refund your money or re-do/update your search request. No questions asked. Guaranteed. You’ll find that we over-deliver. Every. Single. Time. Follow the link below if you wish to know more about our Refund Policy.

Refund Policy

Privacy Policy

We take you privacy seriously. Yes, as a Licensed Private Investigator – we need to know who we’re working for. But it ends there. We protect your identity, and your personal information is never shared. We don’t spam you. We don’t put you on an email list. We don’t keep your credit card information. Click on the link below if you want to read more about our Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

Here’s Why We’re the Best at Finding People’s Assets

We’re Fast, Discrete and Accurate

Surprisingly Affordable

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We Actually Answer the Phone!

No Contracts

Same Day Results

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Unlimited Free Support

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20+ Years Experience

Licensed and Bonded

Real People – Real Results

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