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What, exactly are you looking for? We have a very nice, comprehensive  “Limited Asset Search” for a reasonable price. These types of searches are valuable if you’re trying to enforce a Judgment or checking up on your Mom’s new boyfriend.  It’s kind of a “mini” background check with additional “asset” information.


Here’s how it works:


You provide us with a name and address, and we will verify the person’s name, date of birth, provide any aliases used, social security numbers used (truncated, unless you have permissible purpose), and the place and year the social security number was issued.

You will also receive a U.S. address history going back as far as 20 years along with any current and past real estate owned anywhere in the U.S.

We will also provide all available phone numbers, past and present, email addresses, professional licenses held, drivers license registration for most states, motor vehicle information, aircraft and boats owned, concealed weapons permits, domain registrations, partnerships and corporations, as well as judgments, liens and bankruptcies. And more.


Price is: $119.00.  Sometimes less – it kind of depends on the information we start with.


Go ahead and click on the link below to fill out a form. Or, just call us at 760-332-8397. Or email us:


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