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We’ll Skip Trace Your Debtors

When You Absolutely, Positively Must Find Someone

Most Searches Just $68 – No Locate, No Charge

When you finally get serious about finding your debtor – call us. If we cannot provide you with accurate and verified information – there is no charge! No matter what your reason for a skip trace, we can help. We Find People. Period. We’re not just a database or software – we’re real people that really know what we’re doing. Skip Tracing debtors for collection is one of our specialties. My staff and I don’t mess around – and neither should you!

Mark Unger, Director, American Information Specialists

The Skip Trace Pros

We’ll Skip Trace Your Debtors. Let Us Help with Your Debt Collection.

Most searches just $68 – If we cannot locate your debtor, there is no charge!

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What Do We Do?

Find People

When you finally get serious about finding debtors – call us. Fast, secure, accurate, and Guaranteed. We don’t mess around – neither should you. We We’ll skip trace your debtor for collections. Call us anytime at 619-865-5421.

Locate Assets

You won your lawsuit, and now have a court ordered money judgment. Ideally, you would like to finally collect on your long-overdue money. We Locate Assets Fast. Property, vehicles, toys – you name it. Pre-litigation searches our specialty.


Stop wasting your money with online databases. That’s old information. And, they leave a lot of guesswork up to you. Our many types of Background Checks are thorough, accurate, and surprisingly affordable.


What are you looking for? We conduct very thorough Private Investigations into almost anything you may think of. Nothing surprises us. Discreet, Professional, Fast. We are Licensed and Bonded PI’s.

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I actually answer the phone. We’ll help you find your missing debtor so you can collect on that debt!
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Our Pricing Structure

Very Flexible Pricing

We’re very flexible in our pricing. It kind of depends upon the information you give us to start with. Some debtor skip tracing is easier than others, and we’ve been known to adjust our pricing, down, accordingly. We offer discounts for multiple orders, and, of course, we take very good care of our repeat customers. You’ll never use anyone else for your Debtor Skip Tracing needs. Simply click on the link below to get started – or call us directly at 619-865-5421.

$55 – $95

Debtor Skip Tracing

Supply us with the last known address information on your subject and we’ll take it from there. Fast, accurate, and surprisingly affordable.

  • New, Verified Address
  • Mailing Address(s)
  • Probable Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Close Relatives
  • Business Address(s)
  • Additional Information if Needed
  • We Over-Deliver
  • No Locate – No Charge
  • Guaranteed

$95 – $119

Background Checks

Provide us with your Subject’s name and address and we’ll compile a very nice background profile for you. Tons of information.

  • Skip Trace Included, if Needed
  • Past/Present Addresses
  • Criminal
  • Assets
  • Vehicles/Toys
  • Property
  • Businesses
  • Judgments/Liens/Bankruptcy
  • Relatives/Associates
  • Much More…

What Else Do We Do?

Tax Overages

A very profitable business. You need to find accurate information on your Subject. Address, phones, and emails. And relatives. We are very familiar with what you need. Learn more about Tax Overages and Skip Tracing.

For Attorneys

Most of our clients are Attorneys. We know that you need fast, accurate information. We have a special page for Attorneys here. There is never a charge if we cannot provide you with new, verified information

Special Locates

You might be surprised at the requests we receive. We’re not. We can find anyone even if you believe they’re hiding out. Got a really strange request? Let us help with your Special Request. Nothing surprises us anymore.

Process Service

Need someone served with legal documents? That’s us. If your subject is not in our service area – we’ll hook you up with a reputable Process Server. If you are unsure of your subject’s address – we’ll find them.

All Services

What are you looking for? We find people and conduct very thorough Private Investigations into almost anything you may think of. Take a look at All of Our Services here. We offer a wide range of products and services.

Call Us Anytime: 619-865-5421

American Information Specialists

We’ll Skip Trace Your Debtor

When you finally get serious about finding your debtor. Most searches are surprisingly affordable at just $68.

debt collection skip tracing computers

Our Debtor Skip Tracing Process

Supply Us With the Following

Simply send us the last known address information on your debtor along with any other pertinent information. Email attachments are preferred, but please feel free to mail anything to us to us. We’ll keep you informed on the skip trace.


We take the contact/address information you provided, verify that information with what is already in the “system,” and then get to work. It doesn’t matter if you’re requesting a Skip Trace for debt collection or a Private Investigation – we are going to provide you with the most up-dated address information possible. No messing around here. Turnaround time is usually 24 hours – or less.

Accurate, Verified Information

This is what it comes down to. You need accurate information – we deliver. We try to verify all new addresses with at least two pieces of documentation – and take extra steps to make sure you are receiving the most accurate address information available on your debtor.

We don’t collect email addresses

We don’t spam you

We protect your identity

There is no registration sign-up or contract

There are no monthly or on-going charges

We do not collect any credit card information from you

Fast, Accurate, Discreet – and Awesome!

Still Concerned About Privacy? Visit Our Privacy Policy Here

Who Are We?

We have been around for over 20 years now. Mark Unger is a former Marine with many years experience as a Certified Private Process Server and Private Investigator in the States of California and Arizona. You can read more about Mark on our About Page.

Most of our clients are Attorneys. They need fast, reliable information and know that we deliver. Always. We offer you the same great service. We find people’s new addresses.

Whether it’s a simple skip trace, a background check, or something really off-the-wall, we can handle it.

There are additional members of our team – and they have very special investigative skills. You’re going to be pleasantly surprised with our fast, accurate searches! We find people. Period.


Over 20 years experience finding people. We know what we’re doing – and which methods to use in order to accurately verify your subject’s location.


We don’t mess around. We’ll find your subject incredibly fast. How fast? Many times within the hour. There’s never a “RUSH” fee!


We verify EVERYTHING. Our experience really shines here. You want accurate address information – we deliver. Guaranteed.


Most skip traces are just $68.00. Many times less. Sometimes more. It really depends on what you’re looking for. We’ll hook you up and adjust accordingly.


Your subjects will never know that we’re looking for them. Quiet, discreet, professional – that’s us. You can count on it.


No skimping here. Fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Rest assured that we are who we say we are – and we’ll do what we say we’ll do.

Call Us Anytime: 619-865-5421

Why Choose Us?

  • Fast, Accurate, Debtor Skip Tracing Services
  • Callers Get a Nice Discount!
  • Most Searches $68 or Less. Guaranteed
  • It Takes More Than A Database
  • We’ll Find the Long-Missing Debtors
  • Surprisingly Affordable
  • Real People – Real Results
  • No Ongoing Fees – Ever!
  • Stop Wasting Money With Old Information
  • 24 Hour TAT. Usually Much less
  • Unlimited Free Support
  • In a Hurry? Call Mark at 619-865-5421

We Don’t Mess Around – Neither Should You!

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