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Skip Trace/Find a Person

You provide the subject(s) name, last known address, and any other information that may help us get a start. We find the current address, probable email addresses, and published telephone information that is available. We’ll also verify the subject’s correct SSN/DOB.  If we are unable to provide you with new, accurate information – there is no charge.

Price: $55.00 – $95.00 It really depends upon the information you provide us to get started – SSN and DOB are very helpful – but not required. If you need a Process Server, look no further than Dan’s Attorney Services.

Phone Searches

Phone searches are getting tougher by the day. There is no longer any sort of accurate database – and people change their phone numbers frequently. That being said, we still have some very good methods of obtaining verified numbers.

Price: $68.00.

Employment Locates:

At this time, we do not provide employment locates.  However, in the search process, we may run across employment information and will gladly pass that information along to you at no additional charge. If you would like to know why we do not perform these searches anymore, please check out the article I wrote on problems with employment locates.  This article will also give you some great ideas on how you can find someone’s employment using a few simple resources and techniques.

DOB (Date of Birth):

Provide us with a full name and address of your subject and we’ll verify the full birth date of the subject. Permissible use required.

Price: $55.00   No Hit/No Fee

Social Security Number Locate

You provide a name and last known address and any other information that you may have on the Subject. This search returns the subjects verified SSN – if one is on file. No Hit/No Fee

Price: $55.00 “Permissible Use” required.

Social Security Number Master Death Index:

We’ll check to see if that person has passed on, as well as any additional, pertinent information.

Price: $55.00

True Social Security Number Verification:

You provide us with the name and full SSN of the subject. This search verifies who the number is officially issued to, year of issue, and which state it was issued from.

Price: $55.00   “Permissible Use” required.

Email Searches:

We can find the email addresses that your Subject uses.  Past and present. We DO NOT provide email traces or follow IP addresses. These types of searches have changed in the last few years, and it’s virtually impossible to obtain accurate information. For more information, read this post I wrote on how to Find Someone’s Email Address.

Price: $55.00

Statewide Personal Dossier (Background Check):

You provide the full name and address of your subject. We provide all public records for any links to the subject, including civil filings, corporation and limited partnership filings, judgment & liens, business licenses, tax liens, bankruptcy filings, DBA business filings, personal address verifier, professional licenses, UCC filings, real property records, vehicle ownership (when available – depends upon the State laws), boat ownership, aircraft ownership, and SS# fraud check. And much more. These are very good – nothing like what you get from those online databases.

Price: $119.00   “Permissible Use” required.

Reverse Real Property Search:

You provide an address, city and state, and we return the owner of the property as well as background information on the parcel. This would include past owners.

Price: $68.00

State/National Real Property Search

Records for every state available.

Price: $68.00 – $95.00 (Depends on number of States searched – and other factors)

Professional Verification:

Verify professional licenses. Searches available in most states.

Price: $55.00 per license type per state

State/County Civil Searches:

Search provides civil suits, naming subject or company as either a defendant or plaintiff. All states are available.

Price: $68.00 per county

State/County Judgment and Liens:

Records for every State/County available.

Price: $55.00

Divorce Records:

Search provides the date of divorce, including names, date of the divorce decree, the county filed in, etc. Not available in all states. In fact, these are very hard to verify these days.  There’s no magical database out there providing this type of information due to privacy concerns.  However, when we perform a skip trace/background check on a Subject, we can usually ascertain a fairly accurate time of divorce.

Price: $95.00

Marriage Records:

Search provides date of marriages, including names of the bride and groom, date of ceremony, county of ceremony, address information and DOB when available. Available in only a few States (actually, very few these days), and these types of search requests are almost impossible to get accurate information on.  We would suggest a subpoena of County Records in the States that your subject lived in. However, we can usually get a pretty good idea of when the marriage took place.

Price: $95.00

Uniform Commercial Codes (UCC) filings:

Search by state.

Price: $68.00 per state

State Tax Lien Search by State:

If you don’t need the comprehensive benefits of a national search, you can search by individual states for tax liens levied by the State or County.

Price: $55.00

National State Tax Lien Search:

One search for all 50 states to determine if any one of the states has levied a tax lien against the subject.

Price: $95.00

Statewide Bankruptcy:

All states available and filings include all personal or corporate bankruptcy chapters.

Price: $55.00 per state

National Bankruptcy Search:

Search every state for filings to include all personal or corporate bankruptcy chapters. Same price as a Statewide search.  There’s really no difference, as we search by Social Security Number and it will show all bankruptcies Nationwide.

Price: $55.00

National Federal Tax Lien:

One search covers all 50 states for tax liens in any one of the states by the Internal Revenue Service.

Price: $55.00

Federal Tax Lien Search by State:

If you don’t need the comprehensive benefits of a national search, you can search by individual states for federal tax liens levied by the IRS. It’s really the same search as above.

Price: $55.00

U.S.  District Court Civil (federal court):

All states and all districts available. You should probably call us about this first.

Price: $55.00 per district

Secretary of State Incorporation Filings:

Search by company or officer(s) name. Search by state. Quite frankly, you can perform this search yourself. Just search online for your state and “Secretary of State,” and then look for a link to business searches.

Price: $55.00

Secretary of State Limited Partnership:

Search by company, officer(s) name. See above, as you can probably perform this search yourself.

Price: $55.00

Doing Business as (DBA) Filings:

Search by state. Again, you can perform this search yourself.

Price:  $55.00 per state all states available.

Company Locator:

Locate a company in the United States by the name of the company and suspected State or location. May provide the names of officers. This is essentially a “Business Search.” Call us about this one. 619-865-5421.

Price: $95.00

Corporation Background Search:

This search combines public record filings to provide a comprehensive look into the company’s financial solvency. The search includes civil suits, liens, judgments, bankruptcy, and uniform commercial (UCC) filings. This can turn out to be a very comprehensive background on the company – call us.

Price: Call us – 619-865-5421.

U.S. & International Patents Search:

Search covers from the year 1790 through current year. Kind of a hassle, but you could do this yourself.

Price: $95.00

Securities Broker:

Search the National Association of Securities Brokers disciplinary filings and sanctions. Search by brokers name or name of firm.

Price: $95.00

FEIN search:

Federal Employee Identification Number. These are tough to get – but necessary if you’re trying to levy on a Corporation’s bank account.

Price: $95.00   No Hit Charge: $55.00

Reverse FEIN search:

If all you have is the number, we provide the name of the company and address. These are also tough searches.

Price: $95.00   No Nit No Fee

PO Box Trace:

This is pretty much the same thing as a Skip Trace. You provide us with the PO Box. We return name and address of Box holder. These types of searches are tricky these days, and can also be a tough search.

Price: $95.00

PO Box History:

We trace back 3 to 5 years or more of a post office box to tell you the names of any subjects linked to using it.

Price: $95.00

Private Mail Box:

You provide address and box number of private mail box (PMB), such as UPS, Mailboxes Etc., and other private postal companies, and we will return the name and address of the user.

Price: $95.00

Reverse Private Mail Box:

You provide name and SS# of subject and we return box number of private mail box (PMB), such as Mailboxes Etc., and other private postal companies.

Price: $95.00

Military Locate:

Some or all of this information may be available: Current military address (when available), branch of service, pay grade code, gender, rank, and primary MOS (Military Occupational Specialty Code), active service data, date assigned to current duty station, estimated data of separation and/or date separated for all U.S. military personnel in the Air Force, Army, Marine Corp and Navy for all current military personnel or recent military members.

Price: $95.00

Driver License Records:

“Permissible Use” required. Not all States available. Prices and info vary by State, so please call for details. Some States we can get the information and other’s can take up to two (2) weeks. Kind of depends on what you’re looking for.

Price: $55.00 – $95.00

Motor Vehicle Registrations by Plate Number:

“Permissible Use” required. Prices and info vary by State. Please call for details.

Price: $55.00 – $95.00

Motor Vehicle Registrations by Name and Address:

“Permissible Use” required. You give us a name and address of the subject and we tell you how many vehicles the individual owns. Information returned includes make, model, year or vehicle, and if the registration is valid or expired. Most states available. Prices and detailed information vary by State, so please call for details.

Price: $55.00 – $125.00

VIN Sweep:

“Permissible Use” required. If you have the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and the state the vehicle is registered in, we will tell you the name, address, and other particulars about the car’s owner.  Most States.

Prices and info vary by State, please call for details.

Price: $55.00 – $95.00

FAA Aircraft:

Check national registration of all aircraft ownership.

Price: $55.00

National Boat Registrations:

Search for national registrations and ownership of vessels and boats in the US on file with the USCG.

Price: $55.00

Federal Criminal Search:

This search covers all federal criminal convictions in all 50 states. Military court convictions are not included in this search. Name, SS# and DOB are needed to search. If you do not have the subject’s identifiers, there is probably going to be an additional charge.

Price: $119.00

Statewide Criminal Search:

Name, SS# and DOB are needed to search. We can get those, if needed, but there will be an additional charge.

Prices and info vary by State, but usually the same as a Federal Search – $119.00. Please call for details.

County Criminal Search:

Name, SS# and DOB are needed to search.

Prices and info vary by State, please call for details.

 EFFECTIVE: 01/02/2021

All orders must be in writing by snail mail or email. We really prefer an email. Please – DO NOT TEXT US WITH A SEARCH REQUEST! Orders received after 12 pm Mountain Time may not be processed until the following business day.  Our office hours are Monday-Saturday 6 am – 8 pm Mountain Standard Time, but we’re always monitoring our email and phones. Don’t be surprised if we pick up on a Sunday.  If Rush or ASAP requested on orders, an additional charge of 20% MAY apply to your order including no hits. However, we’re easy. We usually do not apply this surcharge unless it’s a very comprehensive search. Your search request will then be given first priority and completed first. In other words – we start on it immediately. However, we pretty much treat all searches as “Rush,” so don’t be too concerned about this.

***All prices are in US Dollars and subject to change without notice***

Our research, except for database searches, rush fees, attempt fees, turnaround times & verbal quotes, are not guaranteed. Guarantee applies only to errors in information actually found on the date research was completed and not to omissions. Disputes must be in writing and sent to us within 15 days with authoritative documentation. Suspicion or conjecture of an “error” or omission is not grounds for dispute. Circumstances may warrant variance – but at American Information Specialists sole discretion.  Please understand that some information may be derived from a database and may not be wholly current. Please note that our goal is to satisfy your need for the information requested.  If there is ANY problem with our returned information, please give us a call at 619-865-5421 and we will immediately correct the mistake. Let me be very clear about this: If you have questions about our search results – or feel that there may be errors – all you have to do is call us. We’ll always make things right.

***Please keep in mind that we do offer volume discounts.  In addition to the below-listed searches available, we offer many other “discreet” types of searches. Have an unusual search request?  Give us a call at 619-865-5421.

For any search, please feel free to fill out our Search Inquiry Form. We’ll respond immediately.

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