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Trying to find someone? That’s what we do. Old friends, debtors, missing family members, property owners – you name it. If we can’t find them – nobody can! Guaranteed. We’re real people working for you.

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About Us

  American Information Specialists are the Skip Trace Pros. We are real people – not just databases or software programs. We provide the best real-time locates and the most effective investigations available anywhere, whether it is locating an individual, a non-published phone number, a background check, or any other information that’s important to you.

American Information Specialists is the name of our Company. “Skip Trace Pros” was the .com name that we started with, and through the years people started identifying us by that name. Branding us, so to speak – which is nice.

We are located at the below locations with our main office in Arizona. And, yes, we use a PO Box in Green Valley, Arizona for written correspondence. We really don’t want the people that we’re looking for trying to find us. Just a precaution.

San Diego, CA

Tucson, AZ

Owner and Director Mark Unger is a former Marine with very special investigative abilities. Dan & Matt Foley provide a unique set of tools that get results. Our main clients are Private Investigators, Process Servers, Real Estate Investors, and Attorneys, but we now offer many of the same services to the public.

Mark started the Company about 20 years ago as a Judgment Recovery Specialist and Process Server. This quickly evolved into Skip Tracing and providing Background Checks. We do it all. Mark also works for a Private Investigator out of Chicago, Illinois.

Please look through our website and contact us with your needs. We are always happy to help.

Fill out one of our search forms to start your search. Or just call us. Or email us. Matt’s usually the person that you’ll get “live.”

Our basic locate fees are just $68 – $95.  Many times even less.

No locate-No fee. Guaranteed

Phone: 619-865-5421

E-mail: contact[at]

“We are real people working for you.”

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