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Trying to find someone? That’s what we do. Old friends, debtors, missing family members, property owners – you name it. If we can’t find them – nobody can! Guaranteed. We’re real people working for you.

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Most searches just $68.00 - $95.00, or Less


We Find People, Fast

Stop wasting your time with online databases – that’s old information. Ask yourself these questions: Do I really need to find this person fast? Do I want accurate, verified location results? Do I want to save money by getting the right information the first time – and eliminating all guesswork? If so, let us do the work. Fast.

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We Find People - Fast

When you finally get serious about finding someone – call us. Guaranteed, fast, secure, accurate.

If we can't find them - there is no charge

Rest easy – we don’t charge for old, inaccurate information. In fact, if we’re not 100% sure of your subject’s location, we’ll probably give you the information we do have – at no charge. 

Online Databases

Stop wasting your money with online databases. That’s old information. And, they leave a lot of guesswork up to you. Have you ever tried to contact them to get some help or clarification? You can always call us directly at 619-865-5421. We actually answer the phone.

Who are our clients?

Attorneys, Real Estate Investors, Property Management Companies, and Process Servers – to name a few. We offer the same great services to regular folks simply trying to find old friends and family members. If you need to find someone – anyone – call us.

Additional services

Background Checks, Business Searches, Heir searches, Tax Overages, Asset Searches. We can find information on pretty much anything – or anyone – you can think of.

Searches we won't do

Batch and bulk searches. Sorry, but we’re not set up for that. We also won’t search for minors or celebrities.

Our Pricing

Very Flexible Pricing

We’re very flexible in our pricing. It kind of depends upon the information you give us to start with. Some locates are easier than others, and we’ve been known to adjust our pricing, down, accordingly. We offer discounts for multiple orders, and, of course, we take very good care of our repeat customers. You’ll never use anyone else for your skip tracing needs. SImply click on the link below to get started – or call us directly at 619-865-5421.

The Process

Here’s What We Do

Supply us with the following

Simply send us the last known information on your subject. Name, past address(s), old phone numbers – anything that might help us with our starting point.


We take the information you provided, verify that information with what is already in the “system,” and then get to work.  Yes, of course we start with databases – but not the ones you’re familiar with. We have access to the “really good stuff.”

Accurate, verified information

This is what it comes down to. We don’t provide you with “Old Stuff.” We’re real people and actually verify your subject’s location information through different sources.

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